3 Great Investments That Are Tied to Cloud Computing and Will Bring In Some Money

This is only the beginning for cloud computing. The cloud has become more popular over the last few years. A technology like this will make an even greater climb from here. The cloud is an investment. More users are beginning to treat it as such. This type of investment is leading to other investment interests. Users are wondering if their cloud service can make it rain for them financially.

SD-WAN cloud solutions for business

The answer is yes. There are 3 investments that needed to be looked at for cloud computing.

1) Intel is a famous version of this type of investing. Intel started out being famous for their computer chips. Now it is venturing into server chips. This venture has caused their last fourth quarter to jump high. Their stats and value jumped so high it has teamed up with Oracle. The two combined are looking to get IBM customers to switch. To read more on this venture and how to invest in Intel click here.

2) ZEN is an example of a SaaS company making a move. Zen is smaller than Intel. It is startup company too. There is a risk here, but some insiders are saying it is worth it. Click here to read more about ZEN and your options.

3) SKYY is one to keep an eye out for. SKYY is an all-in-one solution for the cloud. Companies like Amazon.com and Alphabet are both under the umbrella. If you are investing in these two, then you may want to consider SKYY.