Which Companies Do I Invest In Under the Cloud?

Cloud computing can be rather challenging. What makes cloud computing more challenging is knowing what investments to make. Everyone has an opinion on this subject. We will break down the top 3 you should be concerning yourself with right now.

Amazon is the best place to begin. It is one of the giants in the industry. Amazon became a player a long time back. They bought up a great deal of space on the NYSE reports and then rented out the space. Investors pay a monthly fee. Now they make a killing. The people who invest in Amazon do as well. Amazon is going to give you a foundation of how it works.

Some of the others to watch are IBM, Oracle, Rackspace, and Microsoft. All of these companies combined bring in a net profit of $1oo billion each year. Some of these companies make more than others. It all depends on who you go with. IBM may bring in a little bit more than Oracle. Oracle is going to bring in more than Rackspace. It all depends on how your money is invested.

Something else to keep an eye on is the private and public cloud hybrid. The public hybrids will bring in more than the private hybrids. Cisco comes in both the private and public forms. The private cloud hybrid is not going to bring in as much as the public Cisco.

Some of you may be investing in social media. This can be done in combination with the cloud services. What you need to be aware of is the monetary value. Investing in social media as a combined effort is not going to net as much. You are better off investing in one or the other.